Safeguarding Policy


Education Solutions is committed to ensuring the safety of all students and its tutors. As a result, we operate the following safety procedures. If you are worried about an aspect of the service you are receiving please contact Rosie Sisson on 01275235141 or 07985199724


Safer Recruitment


Education Solutions operates a ‘Safer Recruitment’ Policy. We ensure that all our tutors are vetted through interviewing, enhanced DBS Police checks and detailed references relating to current and previous workplaces.


  • All tutors are interviewed and asked specific safeguarding questions to ensure that from the start safeguarding is highlighted as one of the cornerstones of our company.

  • Staff undertaking the recruitment have completed the level 2 safeguarding course.

  • All tutors are vetted through 2 professional referees, one of which being the most recent employer. Within the reference paperwork we specifically ask about the tutor’s suitability to work with vulnerable children and explain the work which Education Solutions undertakes.

  • We verify all tutor’s identities in line with The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006.

  • All tutors are made aware of our Safeguarding Policy and are talked through the key points.

  • All tutors are made aware of Lone Worker Policies and are talked through key points.

  • Tutors are made familiar with the Keeping Children Safe in Education Policy.


All tutors are fully supported so they can feedback concerns at the earliest opportunity.


Child Protection Policy


Education Solutions is committed to safeguarding all children.


  • The tutor will NEVER teach a student in a private residence when there is no other adult (responsible person over 18) in the building.

  • All tutors working with children and young people in school environments will make themselves familiar with the Child Protection Policies in operation in those schools. They will ensure that they know who is the Lead Teacher for Safeguarding. All concerns for the safety or well-being of a child will be brought to the attention of the Safeguarding Officer.

  • All tutors will also pass on all safeguarding concerns to Education Solutions.

  • Tutors will in no way encourage children and young people to discloses any information regarding their safety or well-being and instead will pass on concerns to Safeguarding Leads.

  • When working outside of a school environment all tutors have a responsibility to follow the Lone Workers Policy and to make Education Solutions aware of any concerns they have for the safety and welfare of a child or themselves. If there is any concern about the overall safety of the student, members of the public or the tutor themselves the tuition cannot take place.

  • All tutors will comply with the spirit and the letter of the 1996 Education Act which prohibits any form of corporal punishment.




Lone Worker Policy


No tuition will take place when the tutor and student are alone. However, there will be situations when the tutor is working in a public space but not surrounded by colleagues or other professionals. In these instances the tutors will comply with Education Solutions Lone Worker Policy.


  • The tutor will NEVER teach a student in a private residence when there is no other adult (responsible person over 18) in the building.

  • Tutors will always teach with the door open.

  • Tutors will ensure that they have a mobile phone with them which is charged and with credit.

  • Tutors will make themselves aware of fire safety procedures in public buildings, so that they are able to guide the student to safety in the event of a fire.



Education Solutions Pupil Progress


Tutors in partnership with parents, schools or North Somerset Council make targets to help students make progress with their learning. These targets are reviewed regularly and referenced in the monthly reports.


Tutors have regular supervision phone calls to offer support and advice on helping the students make progress.


Car Policy


When tutors and mentors drive students in their cars, the student must wear a seatbelt and use the age-appropriate booster seats. Younger children should be placed in the backseat diagonally behind the driver with the child locks on.


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